• For Virtual CDU App download link and instructions please find here.
  • If you need any assistance with modules or flight simulators please contact us at

To setup Virtual CDU Apps properly follow the steps below

  1. Download VAInterface setup program from this link : VAInterface Installer .
  2. Install VAInterface software.
  3. Make sure Flight Simulator is not running, then run VAInterface a first time to allow it to finish the setup.
  4. Windows will probably ask about allowing this software to access the network and receive incoming connections, you need to allow that in order to receive the connection from Virtual CDU.
  5. VAInterface runs in background and doesn’t have an UI, it will be shown only on tray bar. Its icon is VA written inside a square.
  6. Run your Flight Simulator (FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane).
  7. If VA icon on tray bar is grayed, means VAInterface has not found your Flight Simulator.
  8. If this icons is blue, means VAInterface has found your Flight Simulator
  9. At your Ipad, tablet or smartphone where you have Virtual CDU installed, verify you have wi-fi network access. Remember you need to be on the same LAN of PC running Flight Simulator.
  10. Run Virtual CDU 737 and press SETTINGS side key
  11. If desired, select the option to disable display timeout so your tablet won’t turn off the screen during flight.
  12. automatically connect your tablet/Smartphone select optiono “Auto-discovery”.
  13. Otherwise, let this option unchecked and input IP address of the computer that is running Flight Simulator
  14. Go back to screen and press connect.
  15. Please contact us at if any support needed.

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